Y's Extras

Because each family is different and because your comfortable living is our priority

Airport pick up service

We meet you at the airport and guide you to your temporary accommodation.

Opening of a bank account:

We will accompany you to see a bank manager to open a bank account.

School search:

We will help you to find the right school for your children and will accompany you to the interviews to make the best use of the visit.

Driving licence:

We will assist you in gaining the UK driving licence.

Car purchase or lease:

We will accompany you to a car dealership and will help you to negotiate the best possible deal.

Parking permit:

We will assist you in getting a residential parking permit.

Home owner's property management:

If you are leaving your London home vacant, for example by going on an overseas assignment, we will ensure your property is regularly visited and continues to be well maintained.

The list of these services is not exhaustive. We would happily go an extra mile in providing you with the service you require,